Why Ovation?

(and not someone else)

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Meaningful Data.

We don’t only read data. We listen to its story. This story helps us shape our unique response. We talk back and listen again. It might sound cheesy, but this conversation shows how much we care about the result.

Exclusive Partnerships.

We have been in the performance industry for 8 years. During this time we have established key partnerships that give us access to exclusive traffic deals, insights and technology. Aside from strong relationships with existing big partners we also work with other traffic sources that are not publicly available, in some cases even running under exclusivity with them. In other words, if you want that special kind of traffic, you need us.

The Team.

Amid all the technology and data, we still strongly believe that people are the core of the advertising business. As such, we invest heavily in our people. Only by having a skilled and motivated team of smart creatives, can we achieve and sustain our competitive edge. We hire, train and manage people differently than most other advertising companies. And this team can be an extension of your organization.

Third party applications
meet in-house technology.

Another domain we invest heavily in is technology.

It’s a no brainer when we need to choose the third party offer on the market, we always go for the best-in-class.

When it comes to our own custom applications, our in-house development team produces tailormade tools to meet our particular requirements.


We have access to dozens of traffic management platforms from which we can create and optimize all our campaigns. We run many of those under exclusivity with our traffic partners.

Tracking and

We work with some of the best-in-class adserving, tracking and reporting platforms in the industry. With these, we can serve creatives with low latency all around the world, track all relevant data flowing through our funnels and act quickly and accurately to optimize our campaigns.

Custom API
Integrations and

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all solutions in this industry, that’s why we have a dedicated development team that creates and manages custom API integrations and applications. Nowadays, this is the only way to truly extract all the value and advantage from the many platforms an agency works with. We create new technology where we have to and leverage existing technology via custom applications where we don’t have to reinvent the wheel.


We work with several providers for market insights and intelligence. We’ve also been in the industry for a long time and have many strong relationships with key players, all of which keep us one step ahead of the competition.

Thousands of
campaigns at
any given time.
All the time.

Media buying is based on cross-functional teams who usually own 3 main skill sets: Analytics, Creativity and Business.

Our team members are capable of juggling these 3 main areas of expertise, while each one chooses to specialize in one particular area.

Our mutual ground is the Kaizen philosophy that runs deep within the team. All this gives us the patience to constantly test and improve,
giving us a solid foundation to scale and run successfully thousands of campaigns at any given time.

Some more nice stuff
(for the geeks).

  • Managing campaigns on several channels and traffic sources
  • Performance creatives:
    both banner and landing page creatives
  • Development of specialized applications in support of traffic operations
  • Data analysis and building customized reporting solutions
  • Customer journey consultation and strategy
  • Full flow optimization
    (from impression all the way to
    lifetime value of the customer)

Behind the brand.

Ovation stems from the meaning, ‘a standing ovation’ where a crowd
of people expresses great enjoyment or approval of something.

We pride ourselves on
finding people who are
excited about your product.

Backed by a strong international team, the name Ovation and its heritage fit our company goals.

To reflect the story behind Ovation, our logo was inspired by the shape and symbolism of ancient Greek theatres, where popular and inspiring concerts would be performed and bring people together from all over the country.

These local and international people would flock to the theater with one goal in mind. This concept is what sparked the idea for the shape and design of our logo, Ovation brings the right people to your brand.

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